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Aqt80 Tablet

The aqt80 is the perfect android tablet for businesses of all sizes. With 16gb of storage, this device makes an excellent way over to googlems app store or the stock android site. The slate also features a lcd screen and is locked to the sprint brand.

Sprint Slate 8 Tablet

What is the sprint slate 8 tablet? the sprint slate 8 tablet is a 8" tablet that is made to allow for extreme fast, intense and fast text and action experiences. how does it work? the sprint slate 8 tablet uses its own unique engine to provide the most intense and fast experiences. It uses a have its own dedicated processor and takes full advantage of available battery. how much does it cost? the sprint slate 8 tablet is available for $100.

Slate 8 Tablet Specs

The sprint slate 8 is a 8" tablet that has a 16gb storage. It has a wi-fi connection, 4g connection, and black color. It is a slim and low-cost tablet that is perfect for kids or those who want a device that is easy to use and looks great. the sprint slate 8 aqt80 tablet is a great value for those looking for a device that can reach high-end users. This tablet has a 16gb capacity and is equipped with a charger and usb cable. The slate also comes with a ballistic case, which will protect the exterior of the tablet from scratches and other damage. this 8-unit sprint slate is in excellent condition with only one small scratch on the top left corner of the screen. The slate is connection to a qualified user and is fully working. This is a great choice for a work globetrotter or for using as a phone. It is also equipped with a 16gb memory card and a 4g band. This sprint 8in black tablet is a great choice for anyone who wants a device that can do the job well.