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Monoprice Tablet Pen

This pen has 8 hot keys that allow you to dopen and trackpad interactions, as well as do other actions such as note2 as well as do drawing with 8 perimeters and a $10.

Monoprice Drawing Tablet Drivers

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Monoprice Drawing Tablet Pen

The monoprice 10x6. 25 drawing tablet is the perfect size for drawing on paper or gobam. With its 9-level light source and fine points, the pen is perfect for artists and drawing professionals. The monoprice drawing tablet pen is easy to use and has a fast save and power off feature. this is a close-up of the pen's battery life. The pen stands on its own and can be used as a pen gift. The pen also has a usb 3. 0 port for transfer of files to and from your computer. The pen has a weight and measuring tape feel to it for perfect use. The pen has a black case and is dimensions is 12. 9 cm. The usb 3. 0 port and graphics drawing ability make it a useful device for your office or home office. this pen has a 10-inch hd display, a 6. 25-inch templer, and ahot keys pen option. It has 8 hot keys make it easy to write on paper or screen. The pen also has a possibility to use its pen as a notepad. this monoprice 8x6 inch drawing tablet is perfect for anyone who wants a complete creative solution. With its p27 pen, this tablet has enough drawing area to fit any drawing or drawings you need. The pen also allows you to use your pen to create in-line graphics, or use it to create a 3-d model. The pen also has a an okay pen tip for easy drawing on paper.