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Universal Tablet Floor Stand

This universal tablet floor stand is an adjustable height tablet floor stand that folds down to travel-eco like an idealmount for your ipad. This perfect for those that need a stablereading seat while on vacation or traveling. The table is also adjustable to a height of 5-10 pounds making it a perfect choice forany home seller or business.

Tablet Floor Stands

The tablet floor stands after some basic assembly. The complete set of screws and nails that were included were perfection. We put the floor on its surface and immediately began reading and writing. My table now has a good work surface as well as a video assistant that can help us video watch our work. we were able to complete most of the video creation and editing using the floor as a work surface. We need a bit more time to try and perfect the video assistant but it is well worth the effort. We would like to thank all the people who contributed to this project; the team at lumber liquidators, capitol hill and later this week, when we can get the video assistant set up in a better position, we would be grateful.

Tablet Floor Stand Adjustable

Thisuniversal tripod floor stand holder adjustable gooseneck for ipad iphone tablet is perfect for holding an ipad, iphone, or tablet. It can be placed almost anywhere on the floor, and is adjustable to fit different heights. This product also has a gooseneck that can be placed anywhere on the floor, and can be adjusted to fit different heights. this universal tablet floor stand is perfect for holding a 360-degree cell phone or tablet. It is made of sturdy materials and looks great with any decor. The stand can be customized to fit a variety of devices, and it comes with a gooseneck fora protection. It is adjustable to fit any ipad or iphone, and contains a clamps to hold the device in a variety of different ways. It can also be used to stand up on its own for superior stability. this is a universal tablet stand that can be used on theirs or the other person's tablet. The stand can be adjusted to different heights, and can be used for reading or working on their device.