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Vizio Smartcast Tablet Remote

The vizio smartcast xr6m10 is a great tablet remote that lets you control your tv with a phone. This model has a 10-inch display and a 6-gigabyte memory. It also has an incapacitation for using apps that are not compatible with android.

Xr6p10 Tablet Remote

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Vizio Smartcast Tablet Remote Ebay

The vizio xr6m10 smartcast 6 inch touch screen android tablet remote control is perfect for controlling your vizio smartcast tablet from anywhere in your home or office. You can control your vizio smartcast tablet with this remote even if you're online and have your hand off the keyboard. The small size of the remote makes it perfect for use in small demons or offices, and the green light it provides will always indicate that it is working. The remote is also dca-compliant and caneth go into smartcast with other devices in your home or office. With its built-in 2-cell battery and automatic governor, this tablet provides up to 2 hours of battery life on a single charge. With its smart features, it can be powered on and off with a press of a button, while also taking advantage of your home's wi-fi connection. Plus, it comes with a built-in speaker and a headless interface that makes it easy to keep track of messages or voiceync without ever having to take your machine down. the vizio smartcast tablet remote is a great way to control your device across an available network. It comes with a 6 inch touch screen and is available in black or red. It has a built in network connection, so you can access your device from anywhere in the world. The vizio smartcast tablet remote is also rain or shine compatible, so you can enjoy using your device without having to worry about the weather. the vizio xr6m smartcast touchscreen android tablet remote control is used to control your device from a distance. This is a great tool for away from home use or use in a small business. This is a great option for using your device from a distance to keep on top of your work.